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The end of December 2015 was the first time I rode a “road bike” on the tar track. It was a CBR 150 on the Go Cart circuit in P.E.  I loved every second of it and knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Robbie Breakspear was recruiting riders for the NSF 100 class of development riders; he saw potential and invited me to be part of the team.

From January 2016, I took part in various races on the East London and Port Elizabeth Go Cart tracks, I rode a NSF Honda 100 for most of that time.  Looking back at those photos,  I was far too big for the little 100, but I had to start  somewhere and  I am eternally grateful to Robbie Breakspear and the Honda NSF 100  development team,  who gave me my break and got me hooked on circuit racing.

My parents bought me the Baby Ninja, Kawasaki ZX 250 in May 2016,  that was a better fit and I started riding the ZX 250 on the go cart track.

The first time I rode the ZX 250 on the big circuit was in East London on the 20th August 2016… my life changed forever  in those few minutes.

I was welcomed by the EL and PE competitors, who encouraged me, especially  Rodney Hiles who convinced me to compete with my ZX 250 against much bigger bikes in a wide field of riders of all ages.

It was incredible; I now live more in 5 minutes on the track than most people do in an entire  lifetime. On my zx 250, since August 2016, I have taken a number of podiums in PE in the PSP B class and the PSP X class. (But because the classes mostly ride together, when I am on the zx250, I am lapped by a few of our local legends.)  

The 600 is a little  different,   since starting in January on the 600 in East London only, I have been on the podium a few times winning medals and trophies. The 600 is amazing to ride and I have progressed in lap times moving me through the classes in three races, from the D class in the beginning of the year, I am now in the B class.   My best lap time on the East London track on my R6 600 is 1:29.

After taking part in the  Super GP in East London in April 2017, I have been rated as one of the top 4 lady riders in the country, this is said to be  the new generation…. and I am very proud to be compared and included  in that level of riding.

In my short career, I have been fortunate to ride the following National Race Circuits.

• Border Motorsport Circuit- East London

• Aldo Scrabanti -  Port Elizabeth

• Dezzi Raceway  - Port Shepstone

• Red-Star Raceway  -   Mpumelanga

• And the all new Kyalami in Johannesburg

What an honour to ride those circuits.

I come from a biking family, my father, brother and uncle all participated in the local Super moto, Motocross and Enduro’s, my brother is still  a Motocross man.  My entire family  in some form or another still ride motorcycles of various disciplines.

I got my first motorcycle when I was 5 and spent weekend in and weekend out in the bush.

I took part and competed in the local JDE (Junior Development Enduro) and motocross events, taking a number of podiums in the  JDE’s.

I took part in the Kei National taking a fourth in my age class in 2012.    ( Mom has an album from my dirt bike days  and keeps threatening to post them on Face Book).

About Cass

In December 2016, my Dad bought me the R6 so that I could take part in the Dunlop R6 cup locally.

This year 2017; I have been fortunate  to participate in:


My personal goals for 2017 are…

My personal goals 2018

In this past year, apart from my main sponsors, I have been assisted by a number of local independent businesses and few national businesses that have been very generous with discounts, advice  and stock items.

 I am very grateful to my Sponsors,  the   EL and PE competitors and spectators for all their support.

Sponsors: 2017

Kind Sponsors and Supporters from 2016 that need to be mentioned, without whom I could not have started racing and would not be able to participate in the Club, Regional and National events as I currently do:      


• Advantage Riding Academy

• Buffalo Service Centre East London

• Charl Beukes

• Expel Signage, bike branding and wrapping

• Gearbox & Diff and Country - Race Coach - Robbie Breakspear

• Imola

• Motor mecca

• Purple frog media design

• Rocomamas East London

• SA Biking academy - Clinton  Pienaar

• Silverton Nut n Bolt

• Stirling High School

• Superbike Magazine - Clinton  Pienaar

• Tactical Task Force National

• TKY Yamaha

• Trolan Racing

• War Eagle

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